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Capacent has increased the speed and professionalism in our change work by creating a sense of urgency through clear communication on the reasons for change and detailed targets on various organizational levels. Capacent has supported us in a dedicated manner. We can already see results and expect them to materialize further going forward. Capacent är ett nordiskt konsultbolag som driver förändring i syfte att förbättra företags konkurrenskraft och förmåga att skapa bestående värde. Med ett brett tjänsteerbjudande inom Management Consulting, rekrytering och Interim management har Capacent idag en stark position på den nordiska marknaden. Wilson Learning Worldwide, an award winning global learning services company, today formally announces the establishment of a new partnership with Capacent, Iceland.

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In these EU27. 26.723. 11/11/2010. 01/12/2010. 406.834.359. IS. Iceland.

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Our consultants have a wide competence base, working with Nordic as well as global Capacent Iceland. Strathclyde University. Report this profile Experience Consultant Capacent Iceland Oct 2003 - Present 17 years 6 months. Education Capacent Iceland.

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Report this profile Experience Partner Capacent Iceland Jan 2010 - Present 11 years 3 months. Strategy and change Iceland is the only country in the world to have a population under two million yet still have a floating exchange rate and an independent monetary policy. A poll released on 5 March 2010 by Capacent Gallup showed that 31% of respondents were in favour of adopting the euro and 69% opposed. Capacent Iceland, a research and polling company, conducts electronic media ratings in Iceland, with a so called portable people meter (ppm) produced by Nielsen Audio (formerly Arbitron). The ppm is a small electronic device that detects a hidden audio signal within a station or network's audio stream, logging each time it finds such a signal.

For general inquiries, send an e-mail to Visiting adress Malmskillnadsgatan 40A 111 57 Stockholm. Edvard Björkenheim +46 76 001 58 01.
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Capacent. capacent-logo - TimeXtender sales partner.

Capacent Iceland.
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Visiting adress Malmskillnadsgatan 40A 111 57 Stockholm. Edvard Björkenheim +46 76 001 58 01. Mattias Ek +46 73 533 00 13. Capacent_x. Erik Påhlson +46 72 300 03 97.